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Bonowi | EKA Smartlock Expandable Baton (no 26″)


EKA Smartlock Expandable Baton, by Bonowi



NOTE: We require LEO/department credentials to ship this product to California.

The Bonowi Smartlock Baton sets a new standard of effectiveness and reliability in expandable batons. More than 250,000 Bonowi batons are in use by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

All Bonowi baton models fully conform to the rigid guidelines required for use by the German Police Force.

The Bonowi baton can be extended with a sharp swing for a dramatic presentation or by pulling on tip and allowing gravity to extend it during a less confrontational situation. It is closed by pressing the release button and pushing the rods together from the tip. The rubber handle and slide rings at the crossover points of each section are specially designed to absorb impact energy and protect the officer. The slide rings also allow the baton to be opened and closed silently with no grinding or rattling noises and without bounce back.

The baton is available in 16″, 21″, 24″, and 26″ models. In addition to the steel models, the 21″ and 24″ models are also available in high performance aircraft aluminum (with 10mm aluminum tips factory installed).

PLEASE NOTE the 28mm outside diameter of the Bonowi Smartlock Baton makes it too large to fit in some standard baton pouches, so we strongly recommend that it be carried in a Bonowi holster, sold separately on our website.


Baton Instruction & Demo